Print Marketing, Email Marketing and Package Design 
As the only graphic designer on this project, I am very proud of the marketing materials that I produced for this high-end, mixed-use development known as The Watermark | Tempe. I often worked directly with the client, Fenix Development, to make sure their message and vision for this project were exactly how they imagined. My designs for this extensive project were chosen as an applicant by the Director of Marketing for our global Cushman & Wakefield EDGE Awards. 
Virtual Reality Package 
My favourite part of this project was developing a package that would be mailed to over 1,500 recipients. The contents included an introductory letter, marketing book, postcards, and a property branded virtual reality viewer that linked to a website where you could view four different 360 degree views of the property’s interior and exteriors.
E-Mail Campaigns 
During the two years I worked on this project, there were numerous custom e-mail campaigns highlighting different stages of the project sent out to a database of over 3,000 recipients. Creating consistent and professional branding for the marketing materials was key for creating hype for this development.
Website Design 
For the website, the client wasn’t happy with how the web developers designed the main screen, so they asked me to redesign the look to be more in line with what they wanted. After my design was finalised, the developers brought it to life.
Mailers + Advertisements 
Over 1,200 prospective tenants and brokers received physical mailers to bring attention to this one-of-a-kind property. I also designed print and digital advertisements for local and national publications.

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