Social Media Product Shots
With a national brand like Dunkin’ Donuts, there was a lot of pressure to produce big results. As part of our strategy while at Decibel Blue Creative Marketing & PR, we reached out to the local news and radio stations when there was an event such as “National Coffee Day” or “National Donut Day.” To get coverage from the media, we used our Dunkin’ Donuts mascot, Sprinkles, to deliver donuts or coffee to the news reporters. Who doesn’t like to see a big donut on TV or social media? We certainly do!
I was individually tasked with providing product shots of donuts, coffee and breakfast sandwiches to be used on social media throughout Phoenix by their 45+ locations. A lot of driving around, snapping shots and keeping donuts from melting in 115˚F weather to get that perfect shot was not only fun, but extremely rewarding.
Dunkin’ Donut’s headquarters have praised my “out and about” product shots which have been continually used on social media for the two following years.

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